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About the Trust Fund

A new 10YFP Trust Fund Call for Proposals for Sustainable Food Systems Programme is open from 1st December 2016 until 15th of January 2017. For more information please refer to Global SCP Clearinghouse.

The 10YFP Trust Fund is one of the means of implementation of the Ten Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (10YFP). It is used to support programmes and initiatives to shift towards SCP patterns that respond to the national and regional priorities of developing countries and countries with economies in transition. The 10YFP Secretariat coordinates the calls for proposals in close collaboration with the 10YFP programmes and the 10YFP Board. Six calls for proposals have been issued over the last year and so far 18 proposals have been retained for funding through the Trust Fund. The projects selected to date are in different stages of implementation (see Selected Projects for more information). 

Applicants may be any regional, national, local governmental institution, agency or subsidiary body; not-for-profits; associations; civil society; community based organisations; universities, scientific/technical organisations with headquarters in developing or transition economies. Projects should aim at supporting the programmes and initiatives responding to the national and regional priorities of the country where they are implemented. Private sector organizations are not eligible to be project “applicants” or to receive funds from the 10YFP Trust Fund. An executing agency can optionally be designated by the applicant to implement the project. Executing agencies can be: UN Agencies and other inter-governmental organisations (IGOs), not-for-profit organisations, governmental institutions / agencies from developing and developed countries. For profit organizations cannot be designated as executing agencies.