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The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most active regions taking action on SCP and implementing the 10YFP. The region has launched its Asia and the Pacific Roadmap for the 10YFP implementation. It was launched during the ASEAN Forum on SCP, held in Jakarta on April 2014. 

The roadmap includes indicators and comprehensive outputs to mainstream SCP in different 10YFP Programmes and sectors such tourism, buildings and construction, public procurement, product sustainability information, lifestyles and education for sustainable consumption.

Pioneer Region to promote SCP

The Asia-Pacific region is pioneer in the implementation of initiatives and projects to promote SCP, as the Asia-Pacific Roundtable for SCP (APRSCP), created in 1997, the ASEAN Forum on SCP, and other programmes, policies and initiatives.

The region has widely adopted and championed the strategy of Environmentally Sustainable Economic Growth, or "Green Growth", launched by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) in 2005. This strategy focuses on investment in sustainable infrastructure, raising revenue and improving eco-efficiency while reducing poverty.  This strategy contribute at its time to the Marrakech Process – a voluntary multi-stakeholder process to support SCP implementation and the development of the 10YFP- where SCP priorities were identified in green public procurement, development of fiscal instruments, resource efficiency and cleaner production, and greening business and markets.

The Asia-Pacific region is advancing SCP through these aforementioned and other initiatives, such as SWITCH-Asia. SWITCH-Asia is an EU-funded programme focused on working with 19 countries in the region to help them make the "Switch to SCP". The 10YFP will integrate SWITCH-Asia's ongoing results and findings into its developments in and for the region.

You can watch the presentation video of the SWITCH-Asia PSC here.

To read an interview of Kaveh Zahedi, the UNEP Regional Director and Representative for Asia Pacific, in the August 2014 edition of International Innovation, please click here. The interview covers the work of UNEP in the region as well as the development and importance of the regional roadmap for the 10YFP realeased earlier this year.

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SCP and 10YFP meetings in the region


  • 23-24 November 2015, Almaty, Kazakhstan: The first Central Asian sub-regional (multi-stakeholder) 10YFP meeting took place on 23-24th November in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

It was co-hosted by UNEP as the 10YFP Secretariat and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the financial support of the Federal Office for the Environment of the Swiss Confederation and the European Commission. The meeting brought together 25 participants including policy-makers, civil society and business sector representatives from the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan as well as representatives from the 10YFP Programmes. It has provided a space for expert dialogue, knowledge-sharing and partnership-building under the thematic programmes of the 10YFP, including Sustainable Buildings and Construction, Sustainable Public Procurement, and Sustainable Food Systems.

You can find the full report of this meeting in English and Russian.

  • 26-28 February 2015, Negombo, Sri Lanka: Preparatory meeting for the South Asia SCP Forum and the 10YFP Training on "Building the Knowledge of National Focal Points on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)" for South Asian National Focal Points and Stakeholders. 

Representatives of South Asian countries agreed upon the establishment of a South Asia Forum on SCP, at the three day capacity building event organized by UNEP together with the South-Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP) and the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment of Sri Lanka. 

The event, supported by the European Union, provided the opportunity to demonstrate how SCP policies can underscore the region’s sustainable development. It contributed to the implementation of the 10YFP Asia Pacific Roadmap that outlines 10YFP activities in the region for the period 2014-2015. The 10YFP training  allowed for initial exchanges on the region’s priorities, coordination with the 10YFP and its programmes, as well as with the SWITCH-Asia Regional Policy Support Component Programme.

Please see the agenda and click here for more information.




  • 12-13 November 2012, Bangkok, Thailand: First regional meeting after the adoption of the 10YFP to agree on priorities for the region and to discuss how the Asia Pacific region can take a leading role in international policy on SCP. Please see the key documents