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Meet the Secretariat of Governing Bodies

The Secretariat of Governing Bodies is responsible for supporting the governing bodies of UN Environment, which consists of the UN  Environment Assembly (formerly the Governing Council) and its subsidiary inter-sessional body, the open-ended Committee of Permanent Representatives. Secretariat organizes and services all meetings of the governing bodies.

Secretariat also provides the main channel of communication with Governments and works closely with other UN Environment divisions and regional offices to provide timely information on the programme and activities of UN Environment in support of Governments. Secretariat coordinates UN Environment relations with the Permanent Missions to UN Environment, Ministries of Environment and other relevant authorities.

  Mr. Jorge Laguna-Celis


  Governance Affairs Office


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  Ms. Rosemary Semafumu Mukasa       

  Deputy Secretary of Governing Bodies

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  Mr. Cyrille-Lazare SIEWE, PhD Env. Tox.

  Programme officer, Coordinator

  Governance Affairs Office

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Secretariat of Governing Bodies

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