Environment Fund

The Environment Fund is the main source of funding for the implementation of UNEP’s Programme of Work and Medium Term Strategy. It enables UNEP to deliver in an efficient, effective, balanced and flexible manner as it leverages Member States’ investments into pooled resources to ensure the positive impact of environmental initiatives across national boundaries and specific thematic issues. Multi-year commitments, adequate resources and timely payments into the Environment Fund facilitate the successful delivery of the approved Medium Term Strategy and the biennial Programmes of Work.

The Environment Fund budget is reflected in UNEP’s biennial revision of the Voluntary Indicative Scale of Contributions (VISC). With universal membership, it is even more important that all Member States of the United Nations, taking into account economic and social circumstances, contribute financially to UNEP. The seventh special session of the UNEP Governing Council in Cartagena in 2002 approved the use of VISC to the Environment Fund and encouraged all countries to contribute on the basis of this scale.