Regular Budget

The General Assembly Resolution 2997 of 1972 unequivocally states that “the costs of servicing the Governing Council and providing the small secretariat shall be borne by the regular budget of the United Nations.” The Regular Budget, including the UN Development Account, supports the core functions of the Secretariat, servicing the Governing Bodies and specific Programme of Work (PoW) activities. 

While the responsibilities of the Secretariat have grown, the amount of UNEP’s funding provided by the Regular Budget has decreased in percentage until 2012 (see table below):

1973 1981 1991 2002 2012 2015 2016
$1.75M $5.3M $6.16M $4.5M $7M $34.96M $22.30
21.1% 12.8% 6.8% 3.6% 2.8% 4.5% 7.2%

In December 2013, an increased budget of USD 34.96 million for the biennium 2014-2015 was approved by the General Assembly.  This is the first time since 1978 that there is a substantial increase in UNEP’s regular budget share both in absolute and relative terms. The increased funding is geared towards consolidating and securing UNEP’s capacity to fulfil its catalytic and coordination function at global, regional and sub-regional levels in facilitating access to technology and capacity building, consolidating its headquarters’ functions in Nairobi, and strengthening and reinforcing UNEP’s strategic presence in the regions.