Business and Industry

Caring for Climate Network

The Caring for Climate Network is a climate change initiative being carried out with the active co-operation of Business and Industry. It is a voluntary network of businesses committed to climate action launched in 2007 that now has signatories from over 200 companies in 48 countries. The group’s platform, launched by UNEP, the UN Global Compact, and the World Businesses Council, calls on its members to promote energy-efficient practices, engage with national governments, cooperate and share information, and champion active responses to the dangers of climate change:



UNEP’s work with Business and Industry

TheDivision for Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) partners with Business and Industry in the field of sustainable production and consumption. Among DTIE and Business and industry, there is a joint understanding and commitment about the importance of engaging with the private sector. This is not only true for activities around the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum and global consultation meetings with Major Groups and stakeholders. DTIE has also established communication and exchange in the development and reporting of UNEP’s Programme of Work. Find out more about DTIE’s partnerships with Business and Industry here.