2007 Laureates

Al Gore


North America

During Al Gore’s 16-year career in the U.S. Congress and his eight-year term as Vice-President, he has made protecting the environment a pillar of his public service. He led Congressional efforts to clean up toxic dumps leading to the formation of the Superfund and held the first hearing on global climate change.


Elisea “Bebet” Gillera Gozun


Asia and the Pacific

Mrs. Elisea “Bebet” Gillera Gozun’s commitment to public service and her passion for the environment has given her the energy to overcome obstacles, persuade disbelievers and shape alliances.


H. E. Cherif Rahmani

President, Deserts du Monde, Algeria


H. E. Mr. Cherif Rahmani’s career has been guided by a profound commitment to the protection of our planet. As a Minister, he has worked tirelessly to greatly advance environmental law in Algeria. Under his guidance, new specialized institutions have been established with the aim of creating and implementing an environmental policy, which is at the service of sustainable development.


H. R. H. Prince El Hassan Bin Talal


West Asia

To sustain natural resources for future generations, HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal has addressed environmental issues in a holistic manner. In particular, his belief in transboundary collaboration to protect the environment merits global recognition.


H.E Marina Silva


Latin America and the Caribbean

H. E. Ms. Marina Silva has been a tireless fighter for the protection of the Amazon rainforest. Her work has championed conservation while taking into account the perspectives of people who use the resources in their daily lives. In this respect, she is a champion of the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, which promotes conservation, sustainable use and equitable sharing of the benefits of biodiversity.


Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

President of the International Olympic Committee

UNEP Special Prize

As President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Mr. Jacques Rogge has played an important role in the development of the sport and environment agenda. The changes he has brought to the organization have reinforced the importance of the environment in the work of the Olympic Movement.


Viveka Bohn

Environment Ambassador for Sweden


Ms. Viveka Bohn has played a prominent role in multilateral negotiations, including environmental treaties such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Her leadership has been especially evident in global efforts to ensure chemical safety, which has been increasingly recognized as a key cross-cutting issue in the pursuit of sustainable development.