Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

President of the International Olympic Committee

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About Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

As President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Mr. Jacques Rogge has played an important role in the development of the sport and environment agenda. The changes he has brought to the organization have reinforced the importance of the environment in the work of the Olympic Movement.

Mr. Rogge has perpetuated a policy that seeks to provide greater resources to sustainable development in and through sport at national, regional and international levels, and particularly at the Olympic Games. This policy enshrined in The Olympic Charter is an important development as it strives to promote Olympic Games which respect the environment and meet the standards of sustainable development. Furthermore, it aims to promote awareness among and educate the members of the Olympic family and sports practitioners in general of the importance of a healthy environment for sustainable development.

Since taking the helm of the IOC in July 2001, Mr. Rogge has introduced stringent environmental requirements for cities bidding to host Olympic Games. As a result of these measures, no bid is considered without a comprehensive environmental programme. He has played an active and personal role in encouraging organizers of Olympic Games (Turin 2006 and Beijing 2008 in particular) to fulfil their environmental pledges and commitments. Under his Presidency, the Torino Games were widely hailed as the greenest games and considered innovative and a model for future “green” games.

In addition, Mr. Rogge has endorsed the continuation of the IOC biennial World Conference for Sport and Environment and regional seminars for sport and environment. Under his leadership, the World Conference has become one of the most recognizable events on sport and the environment and continues to draw stakeholders from all sectors of the sporting world to discuss their role and contributions to sustainable development.

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