2012 Laureates

Dr. Bertrand Piccard

Scientist-Explorer and Founder, Solar Impulse Program/Switzerland

Inspiration and Action

Born into a dynasty of scientists who have explored the heights and depths of the planet, Bertrand Piccard achieved the first ever non-stop round-the-world balloon flight. An internationally renowned medical doctor and psychiatrist, aeronaut and lecturer, initiator of the Solar Impulse program, chairman of the Winds of Hope charitable foundation, and a UN goodwill ambassador, he combines science and adventure in order to address some of today’s global challenges.


Dr. Sander van der Leeuw

Netherlands/United States

Science and Innovation

Dr. Van der Leeuw has spent his career studying human-environment relations and invention and innovation in society, applying the lessons learned from history to help understand why humanity is not facing up to the long-term issue of environmental change.


Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber

CEO and MD, Masdar/UAE

Entrepreneurial Vision

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber is a leading business and political figure, championing the development and deployment of renewable energy and clean technology solutions.


Fábio C. Barbosa

CEO, Abril S.A./Brazil

Entrepreneurial Vision

Mr. Barbosa is widely recognized as one of the earliest and most successful banking executives to integrate environmentally and socially conscious practices into his leadership.


H.E Tsakhia Elbegdorj

President of Mongolia

Policy Leadership

President Tsakhia Elbegdorj of Mongolia, who was among the leaders of the peaceful democratic revolution that ended communist rule in 1990, has realized his commitment to putting a green agenda at the forefront of policies since coming to power in 2009.


Samson Parashina


Grassroots Initiative

Samson Parashina, a Maasai warrior, son of a local chief and respected safari guide, has shown amazing commitment to developing sustainable green economy models for Kenya’s Kuku Group Ranch, land communally owned by the Maasai community.