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For unparalleled commitment to trailblazing sustainable business models

Founded in 1969, Natura is a Brazilian brand leader in cosmetics, fragrances and personal care in the direct selling model in Brazil. Created from a passion for cosmetics and relationships, Natura is present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, France, Mexico and Peru through over 1.7 million consultants. With around 6,600 employees in Brazil and overseas, Natura focuses on developing competencies that will enhance the business in an entrepreneurial and socially responsible manner.

Furthermore, Natura dedicates special attention to its suppliers and the 33 local communities it works with in order to ensure the sustainable supply chain of ingredients.  Natura prioritizes recycled and recyclable materials in its packaging, analyzing their environmental impact throughout the product's lifecycle. Through the Amazon Program, launched in 2011, Natura seeks to curb deforestation by fostering sustainable standing forest economy in the Amazon region.

By taking an eco-innovation life-cycle approach, the company experienced average annual growth of 26 per cent from 2005-2010, and doubled in size from 2007-2011. The socio-environmental benefits of selecting suppliers based on high sustainability performance were worth over $750,000 in 2012 alone. This laudable business model was recognized when Natura received Benefit Corporation sustainability certification, which highlights high standards of environmental and social stewardship.

The company has also promised to adopt new sustainability guidelines by 2020, and clearly stated its goal to promote a fairer future from the economic, social and environmental standpoints—once again leading the way and showing other businesses that integration into the new future the international community is building this year, through the finalization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, is the only way to guarantee continued success.

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