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2017Inspiration and Action
Jeff Orlowski
Founder & Director of Exposure Labs

Jeff Orlowski won in the Inspiration and Action Category for his work on spreading powerful environmental messages to a global audience. Orlowski is the founder of Exposure Labs, which uses the power of storytelling to create impact. In 2012, he directed the climate-focused documentary, Chasing Ice, which has been screened in over 172 countries, 70 universities, over 75 film festivals, the White House and the UN.

2017Policy Leadership
Michelle Bachelet
President of the Republic of Chile

Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile, was recognized in the Policy Leadership category for her outstanding leadership in creating marine protected areas and boosting renewable energy.

2017Entrepreneurial Vision
Bicycle Sharing Startup

Mobike won in the Entrepreneurial Vision category for exploring market-driven solutions to air pollution and climate change.

Mobike is the world’s largest smart bike-sharing company. After two years of operation, the platform claims over 100 million registered users across more than 100 cities globally, servicing over 20 million rides a day.

2017Science and Innovation
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center & Paul A. Newman
Chief Scientist for Atmospheric Sciences

Dr Paul A. Newman & NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center won in the Science and Innovation category, for outstanding contributions to the Montreal Protocol – which has phased out 99 per cent of ozone-depleting substances and led to the healing of the ozone layer.

2017Inspiration and Action
Saihanba Afforestation Community
Restoration Ecologists

Saihanba Afforestation Community won in the Inspiration and Action category for transforming degraded land into a lush paradise.

2017Lifetime Achievement
Wang Wenbiao
Chairman of Elion Resources Group

Wang Wenbiao, Chairman of Elion Resources Group, won a Lifetime Achievement award for a lifetime of leadership in green industry.

Better known in China as the “Son of the Desert”, Wang, 61, is the chairman of China’s largest private green industries enterprise, Elion Resources Group, with total assets of over USD 1.6 billion.