Kyrgyz Republic - Strengthening capacity for national implementation of chemicals and waste related international agreements

Asia Pacific
Kyrgyz Republic
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DC Developing Country
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The project will, inter alia, build strengthen capacity and coordination in the Kyrgyz Republic for national level implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm, and Minamata Conventions and SAICM. The project will strengthen inter-agency/inter-sectoral coordination; non-governmental stakeholder involvement; information exchange; legislative/ regulatory framework; reporting; coordinated national implementation of chemicals and waste related international agreements; and awareness.  It will focus on training on these key issues among others and the introduction of best practices.

Key project outputs include: operation and sustainable inter-agency and inter-sectoral coordination mechanism; institutional framework  for a coordinated implementation of the international agreements; stakeholder involvement policy; operational information exchange mechanism; action plan to strengthen national chemicals management legal framework and drafted legal amendments; training workshops (i) for the BRS and Minamata Conventions National Focal Points, SAICM officials and other relevant stockholders on illegal traffic; national strategy for synergistic action between the BRS and Minamata Conventions; inter-agency national reporting mechanism for the BRS and Minamata Conventions; and awareness raising campaign.


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Project duration: 
3 years