The overall aim of the alliance is to prevent children’s exposure to paint containing lead and to minimize occupational exposure to lead paint. The goal is to phase out the manufacture and sale of lead paint and to eliminate the lead poisoning risks.

Specific objectives are:

(a) To raise the awareness of government authorities and regulators, the private sector, manufacturers, consumers, workers, trade unions and health-care providers about the toxicity of lead in paints and the availability of technically superior and safer alternatives;

(b) To catalyse the design and implementation of appropriate prevention-based programmes to reduce and eliminate risks from the use of lead in paints and products coated with lead paints;

(c) To help identify paint manufacturers and formulators that continue to produce and market paints containing lead so as to foster actions to phase out lead from their products;

(d) To promote the establishment of appropriate national regulatory frameworks to stop the manufacture, import, export, sale and use of lead paints and products coated with lead paints;

(e) As appropriate, to promote international third-party certification of new paint products to help consumers to recognize paint and coatings without added lead;

(f) To share guidance and promote assistance to identify and reduce potential lead exposure in and around housing, childcare facilities and schools in which paint containing lead and paint dust is present and in industrial facilities producing or using paint containing lead to reduce workers’ lead exposure.