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BDAY 2015


Le Bourget, Paris  3. December 2015 10:00-18:15

The first ‘Buildings Day’, to be held at COP21 on 3 December 2015, provides an opportunity to launch an unprecedented alliance of organizations collectively committed to:

  • Helping to put the buildings and construction sector on the “below 2 °C path”
  • Aligning existing initiatives, commitments and programmes to achieve greater scale and increase the pace of efficiency actions
  • Catalysing stronger collaboration and targeting sectoral and cross sectoral climate action and solutions for all

The Buildngs Day will take place during December 3rd, 2015, and includes different events:


Mobilizing the Building and Construction Sector for Climate Action
10:00-18:15 Le Bourget (Innovation Gallery) - download draft agenda

The Innovations Gallery space is sponsored by the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)

10:00                  Opening,  welcome and Introductions

10:15-10:45       Climate Change, SDGs and Habitat III: Buildings in the International Agenda

10:45-12:00        Session A – Goals and Solutions: The Building Sector’s <2oC degrees pathways

12:00-12:30        Break  & display of videos

12:30-13:45        Session B Government Leadership in Policy & Strategies

13:45-14:45        Session C:  Sub-National Leadership & Action

14:45                  Closing remarks and call for action

15:00-18:15  Lima Paris Action Agenda Buildings Session- Livestream from the Blue Zone


LPAA Buildings Action Session
15:00-18:15 Le Bourget (Blue Zone)  -  download draft agenda

The building sector has an oversized environmental footprint, yet significant opportunities exist to change and to meet the challenges of climate change.  How can building sector stakeholders collaborate to better share information and knowledge, develop and share solutions generated by governments, businesses and civil society, and facilitate greater scale of actions to help transform the building sector and contribute to the 2 degree path?

Session 1: Setting the scene    15h00 - 15h40

  • Welcome and Keynote speech  


Session 2: Taking action    15h40 - 17h40

  • Video introduction (5 min)
  • Panel I. Public Policies : Readiness to implement long term action plans
    Moderated by Ligia Noronha (UNEP) this panel will address the key role of jurisdictions to organize and facilitate by integrated policy package and collaborative approach the shift to low carbon and resilient build environment.
  • Panel II. Value Chain Transformation: is the building sector ready for massive deployment of  low emitting buildings and deep renovations?
    Moderated by Terri Wills (WorldGBC) This panel will address how building sector stakeholders can better work together to scale up solutions adapted to local circumstances
  • Panel III.  Bridging the investment gap: finance ready to increase investment in Building efficiency? 
    Moderated by Peter Sweatman (Climate Strategy and Partners), this panel will address the critical need to scale up the public and private financing of EE and sustainable buildings. Panelists will illustrate why buildings and EE can contribute to realizing countries’ INDCs and how the financial sector can help support them.


Launch of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction    17h45– 18h15 

  • Summary and Way Forward by the Government of Morocco, chair of the next COP
  • UNEP and the Government of France jointly launch the Global Alliance on Buildings and Construction


> Download the brochure in English

> Download the full agenda (including moderators' and panelists' names)

> Download the brochure in French (coming soon)

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