MEAs Support and Cooperation


DELC promotes coherence and synergies among MEAs by developing and advocating for tools and other initiatives for institutional approaches in the implementation of internationally agreed environmental goals and objectives as set out in MEAs. The Unit leads in promoting UNEPs’ closer cooperation with MEA Secretariats by providing programmatic and technical advisory support to MEA Secretariats in the operation and implementation of these agreements as well as coordinates and facilitates collaborative arrangements between UNEP and MEA Secretariats.  DELC also facilitates cooperation and inter-linkages among MEAs and their thematic clusters, compliance, as well as enhancing effective participation in regional and global environmental fora, including Conferences and Meetings of the Parties (COP/MOPs).

Key Actvities

Supporting Coherent implementation of MEAs biodiversity cluster
Improve environmental governance through the holistic and coherent implementation of the biodiversity and ecosystems, and the chemicals and waste clusters of MEAs. 

Coherent Governance for the Sound Management of Chemicals and Wastes
contribute to achieving the goals set for the sound management of chemicals and wastes, in particular, the 2020 goals on chemicals and wastes management and to promote ratification of the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

MEA Effectiveness Review: Development of a Review System for the Effective National implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
effectiveness of MEAs is enhanced through review of MEA implementation, legal and technical analyses of priorities to be addressed and gaps to be filled, and the building of capacities of national implementers to implement, monitor and achieve compliance with their international environmental obligations. The higher level impact sought is to reduce the deterioration of the environment, thereby yielding a positive impact on global environment and development objectives.

Strengthening Institutional Capacity of Countries to Develop and Implement Environmental Law and MEAs
The environmental laws, regulations, the multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) in the form of treaties and non-binding agreements set up standards, rules and legal, policy and administrative approaches to regulate and manage the environment.

Capacity-Building Related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements in African, Carribbean and Pacific(ACP) Countries II
The ACP project ultimately aims to promote environmental sustainability in ACP countries through capacity building for effective implementation of MEAs and related commitments. Which will contribute to addressing the challenges particularly associated with the sound management of chemicals and waste as well as loss of biodiversity which continuously threat to the environment and natural resources of ACP countries.