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Understanding synergies and mainstreaming among the biodiversity related conventions
A special contributory volume by key biodiversity convention secretariats and scientific bodies

This multi-author volume is an attempt by the United Nations Environment to engage with the Heads of various biodiversity related conventions and Chairs of Scientific Bodies of the conventions to understand the opportunities and challenges related to promoting synergies and mainstreaming issues. We envisage that this publication will provide further guidance to promoting issues of synergies and mainstreaming from the perspective of individual conventions that have contributed to this volume at various levels and guide our actions into the future. [PDF Link]

Compendium of Good Practices on Human Rights and the Environment UNEP’s Compendium of Innovative Laws promoting Green Economy & Sustainable Development Environmental Courts & Tribunals A Guide for Policy Makers

Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Pacific Island Countries and Territories UN Environment Guide for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Laws Global Report on the Status of Legal Limits on Lead in Paint

Contributions of the United Nations Environment Programme towards achieving the Strategic Plan of Biodiversity (2011-2020) and the Aichi biodiversity targets THE RISE OF ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME: A Growing Threat to Natural Resources, Peace, Development and Security
A UNEP-INTERPOL rapid response assessment
The Poverty-Environment Initiative in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals

Enhancing Cooperation among the seven biodiversity related agreements and conventions at national level using the National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans Role of Multilateral Environmental agreements(MEAs) in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Sourcebook of Opportunities for Enhancing Cooperation among the Biodiversity Related Conventions at National and Regional Levels

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Elaboration of options for enhancing synergies among biodiversity-related conventions


Compendium of Summaries of Judicial Decisions in Environment Related Cases  
Revised 2nd edition draft referencedocument

Guidelines for Framework Legislation for Integrated Waste Management

REDD+ Implementation:
A Manual for National Legal Practitioners

En | Español | Français

Enforcement of Environmental Law
Good Practices from Africa, Central Asia and Asean Countries
Measuring Progress 
Environmental Goals and Gaps
En | Fr | Sp | Ch | Ru 
Freshwater Law and Governance:
Global and Regional Perspectives 
for Sustainability

Elephants in the Dust: the African Elephant Crisis

English | French

Waste Crime - Waste Risks
Gaps in Meeting the Global Waste Challenge
Community Protocols for Environmental Sustainability: 
A Guide for Policymakers

Atmospheric Brown Clouds Emission Inventory Manual Advancing Justice, Governance & Law 
for Environmental Sustainability
UNEP Compendium 
on Human Rights and the Environment 
Selected international legal materials and cases 

MEAs Negotiator's Handbook

English  | French

Human Rights and the Environment:
Joint Report OHCHR and UNEP
The Role of Legal Instruments to Support Green Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Development

Patents and Clean Energy Technologies
in Africa
Guidebook on National Legislation for Adaptation to Climate Change Compliance-Related Texts and Decisions of Selected Multilateral Environmental 

Auditing the implementation of Multilateral environmental agreements (MEAS): A Primer For Auditors Ethics, Justice and the 
Convention on Biological Diversity
Atmospheric Brown Clouds Regional Assessment report with focus on Asia

The Green Customs Guide to Multilateral Environmental Agreements

English | Russian

UNEP and Environmental 
Governance at a Glance

English | French | Spanish

The Greening of Water Law Managing Freshwater Resources for People and the Environment

English | French | Spanish

Issues of Compliance 
Considerations for the International Regime on Access and Benefit Sharing

Learning from the Practitioners
Benefit Sharing Perspectives from Enterprising Communities

UNU-IAS pocket guide: Access to Genetic Resources, benefit sharing and bioprospecting

Connecting the Dots
Biodiversity,Adaptation, Food Security 
and Livelihoods
Bio-Cultural Community Protocols
A community Approach to Ensuring the Integrity of Environmental Law and Policy
Feed-in Tariffs and a Policy Instrument for Promoting Renewable Energies and Green Economies in Developing Countries

Guidebook for Policy and Legislative Development on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Freshwater Resources Judicial Training Modules on Environmental Law Judges and Environmental Law:
A handbook for the Sri Lankan Judiciary

Judicial Handbook on Environmental Law Green Breakthroughs
Solving Environmental Problems Through Innovative Policies and Law
Compliance Mechanisms Under Selected Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Environmental Law Biannual Bulletin Glossary of Terms For Negotiators of 
Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Guide For Negotiators of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

UNEP Global Judges Programme Manual on Compliance with and Enforcement of MEAs Compilation of Internationally Agreed Environmental Goals and Objectives

Negotiating and Implementing MEAs: A Manual for NGOs Selected Texts of Legal Instruments in International Environmental Law UNEP Training Manual on International Environmental Law


Register of International Treaties and other agreements in the field of the environment Guidebook for Policy and Legislative Development on Conservation and 
Sustainable Use of Freshwater Resources
UNEP Handbook for Drafting Laws on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources


UNEP Guidelines on Compliance with and Enforcement of MEAs

English | French | Spanish |  Chinese  | Russian  | Arabic



UEF-UNEP MEA Course : International Environmental Law-making and Diplomacy Review

Review 2014

The special theme of the course was Environmental Security.

Review 2013

The special theme of the course was
 Natural Resources. 

Review 2012

The special theme of the course was Ocean Governance.

Review 2011

The special theme of the course was 
synergies among the biodiversity related MEAs.

Review 2010

The special theme of the course was Climate Change.

Review 2009

The special theme of the course was 
Environmental Governance.

Review 2008

The special theme of the course was Oceans.

Review 2007

The special theme of the course was 

Review 2006

The special theme of the course was biodiversity.

Review 2005

Part 1 - International Environmental Governance
Part II - International Environmental Law and Law-Making
Part III - Special Theme: Forests
Part IV - Negotiation Simulation Exercises

Review 2004

Part 1 International Environmental Diplomacy and Governance
Part II - International Environmental Law-Making and Regimes
Part III - Compliance
Part IV - Special Theme: Water
Part V- Interactive Exercise