Our Partners

The diversity of the partnerships in the field of Environmental Governance is notable for its great scope. UNEP works with partners, both governmental and non-governmental, and national and international. UNEP serves the Governments of United Nations Member States, who are in turn essential partners of UNEP in delivering its services at all levels. Other implementing partners for this subprogramme will include at the global level, for promoting policy coherence, United Nations bodies, funds, programmes, and specialized agencies; United Nations system coordination bodies such as the 

  • Environment Management Group

  • Global Environment Facility

In all its activities UNEP seeks to work with major groups, organizations and stakeholders such as farmers’ organizations, women’s organizations, the scientific and technological communities, children and youth organizations, indigenous peoples and their communities, workers and trade unions, business and industry, non-governmental organizations and local authorities. It will also work with media for outreach, public communications and public awareness raising campaigns.