National Statement of Armenia at the third session of the United Nations Environment Assembly

Delivered by H.E. Mr. Erik Grigoryan


Mr. Chairman,


Distinguished delegates,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to thank the authorities of the Republic of Kenya and the UN Environment for organization of the Assembly. The Republic of Armenia highly values this format and opportunity to share our views with Member States, civil society, private sector and other stakeholders.

The Government of the Republic of Armenia emphasizes the importance of the integration of economic and environmental policies. We believe that the best economic decisions are definitely made once the environmental components are taken into consideration. Moreover, the environmental activities are more efficient when they are harmonized with economic and social factors.

We believe that environmental activities are not extra costs anymore, but economically efficient, and socially fair long-term investments for our present and future.


The environmental issues are correlated with the quality of human life, economic and social situation. It is important to admit that poverty is one of the main environmental problems and poverty reduction can have a significant impact while solving environmental problems.

In this context we would like to call international society to take significant steps to support capacity building of the national environmental and economic decision-making institutions.

Armenian government has set ambitious targets for environmental sectors; particularly we are trying to double by 2050 the current forest cover of the country. To achieve this goal, we are trying to combine several financial and partnership instruments including green private investments, Debt for Nature Swap and REDD+.

Ladies and Gentlemen 

One of the successful examples on our implementation path is the world’s first National SDG Innovation Lab that was opened recently in Armenia. This Lab is a result of close cooperation between the Government of the Armenia and United Nations. The lab will identify implementation and funding gaps, introduce prototype solutions and new models of funding, measure the impact and raise country profile and public awareness. One of the first steps taken by SDG Innovation Lab was consultation related to preventing plastic bags and initiation national media outreach.

Mr. Chairman

For the delegation of Azerbaijan I would like to recall that the Republic of Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh Republic/ has gained its Independence within the same legal framework as Azerbaijan did. Therefore, if Azerbaijan is sincerely concerned about the environmental issues and would like to find solution to problems, they should engage in genuine talks with the Government of the Artsakh Republic, instead of abusing each and every forum with false accusations, distortion of facts and history and anti-Armenian propaganda.

Thank you for your attention.