Official Documents

Pre-session documents are presented to participants in advance of the session to help them prepare for consideration of each agenda item. Pre-session documents consist of Official working documents (UNEP/EA.4/x) and Information documents (UNEP/EA.4/INF/x). Some documents are denoted with .../Add.x or .../Rev.x symbols.

In-session documents are presented and considered during the Assembly. Due to the temporary and sometimes politically sensitive nature of these documents, most of them are available only to the participating delegates on the “Resolutions Platform”, which is password protected. In-session documents consist of Limited documents (UNEP/EA.4/L.x), Conference room papers (UNEP/EA.4/CRP.x) and Non-papers.

Post-session documents are the final documents that are issued after the conclusion of the session. These include meeting proceedings as well as resolutions and decisions that have been adopted.

Other official documents include Ministerial Outcome Document , Report of the Executive Director, statements, guidance notes, etc.