2017 Sustainable Innovation Expo

The third session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (4-6 December 2017) will continue to provide a platform for the private sector to engage with senior government officials and other relevant stakeholders as well as showcase innovative technology through the 2017 Sustainable Innovation Expo. The Expo is the Environment Assembly’s platform for sharing the latest on innovation and technology from both public and private sectors, on sourcing investment and on contributing to the solutions that address the world’s environmental challenges while protecting the ecological boundaries of the planet for future generations.

The 2017 Sustainable Innovation Expo is the Environment Assembly’s marketplace for connecting the science to the solution. It will provide a unique opportunity for ministers of environment, heads of UN Agencies and leaders of the private sector and civil society organizations to (1) experience through a journey of interactive story telling (interactive maps, virtual reality) on the challenges of pollution, (2) moving to a space showcasing the latest innovation and technology that can tackle these challenges and (3) end up in a networking zone where partnerships for tackling pollution can be made and realized. The Expo will be opened with a cocktail reception in the evening of 3 December and will end on 6 December 2017. The Expo will be located in a marquee in the Fountain Area of the UN compound.

Structure of the Expo

The Expo will follow the structure of Problems, Solutions and Partnerships, focusing on all aspects of pollution.

Problems: The first section of the Expo will consist of an interactive collaborative exhibition space hosted by different units of the UN Environment (Governance Affairs Office, Communication Division, and Science Division). This will include a simulated planetarium that reflects the human induced air pollution in the cosmos, a virtual reality experience on marine pollution, interactive maps demonstrating the changes in the land over the years in different parts of the world, the growing crisis of clean drinking water and the overarching effects of chemical and waste leading on the environment. The collaborative exhibition space will raise awareness and foster education around pollution and the environment.

Solutions: This second section of the Expo will showcase 50 cutting edge technological and innovative solutions from the public and private sectors to mitigate and adapt to pollution and drive us towards a pollution free planet. Interested exhibitors can apply through the 2017 UN Environment Assembly website and will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Adequate geographical representation
  • The proposed technology must be aimed at tackling an area of pollution

Partnership:  The final section of the Expo will consist of a networking space where participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other. The networking space will also provide a platform for building partnerships and scaling up the solutions needed for addressing the unprecedented pollution challenges our planet faces. In particular, the private sector will be able to register their commitments and pledges towards a pollution free planet at the networking space. The space will also be equipped with working stations with complimentary drinks and snacks, which will be served throughout the event.

Outcomes of the Expo

The Expo will:

  1. Explain the challenges and inspire the solutions through an exhibition space.
  2. Convene the leading decision-makers in all sectors in an interactive space where knowledge, innovation and technology can be showcased and shared for our global benefits.
  3. Facilitate dialogue and inspire partnerships with entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.

Background information of the companies participation in the expo