Déclaration politique sur la pollution

In December, high-level representatives from all United Nations Member States will gather in Nairobi together with leaders from the private sector and civil society to set the global environmental agenda for years to come.


The efforts from all participating leaders are expected to conclude in a powerful joint message to the world. This message will outline realistic steps to address pollution to protect human health; describe the developmental aspirations of current and future generations; and extol the immeasurable value of the environment and natural resources upon which we all depend.


A process of consultations on a draft political declaration, addressing the theme of the 2017 Environment Assembly “Towards a Pollution-Free Planet”, was initiated by the President of the Assembly, Dr. Edgar Gutiérrez-Espeleta, Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica. These consultations involve all Member States and stakeholders. The main objective of this process is to develop in a transparent and inclusive manner a joint vision and achievable actions to address pollution in its many forms at a global scale.


Urgent action is our responsibility. We already possess the technical solutions to the global pollution challenge. It is now our job to put the world on a more sustainable path.


In this section, you can consult the communications from the President of the Environment Assembly outlining the process of consultations towards the Political Declaration of the 2017 UN Environment Assembly. You can also consult the contributions made so far by Member States and other stakeholders.


We also invite you join the Pollution-Free Planet movement by signing the Clean Planet Charter and pledging to reduce your pollution footprint. The Charter, a collection of public commitments to end pollution in all its forms, empowers everyone, everywhere to influence and be part of the UN Environment Assembly.