Greening the Assembly

This year’s UN Environment Assembly will be a sustainable and climate-neutral event that aims to deliver a number of tangible commitments to end pollution in all its forms. UN Environment will tackle pollution by minimizing the environmental impact of this year’s gathering. 


  • Climate neutral - All greenhouse gas emissions associated with the Assembly will be measured, reported and offset through the purchase of Carbon Emission Reduction Credits from certified emission reduction projects.
  • Paper smart - Participants and delegates are encouraged to bring laptops or iPads, as all documents will be made available online and no hard copies will be provided.
  • Free of plastic cups - To combat pollution and support the CleanSeas campaign, the UN Nairobi compound now uses glass water bottles instead of plastic ones. All Assembly participants are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottle, as water dispensers will be available at the event. Sustainable water cups will also be provided.


These steps will reduce the Assembly’s pollution footprint by minimizing waste and its dangerous impacts on the environment and human health.


All greenhouse gas emissions of the 2016 Environment Assembly were offset in full thanks to in-kind contributions from the United Nations Federal Credit Union. The sustainability practices implemented for the 2016 Assembly will be replicated and expanded this year in a view to continuously reducing UN Environment’s environmental footprint and integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into our operations.


Grab a Bike !

To encourage sustainable modes of transport there will be a free bike share scheme available from the main gate pavilion (point A) to the roundabout (point B) and back again (the route will be marked on the road).  This means staff, delegates and other visitors who arrive on foot can grab a bike and save some time getting to the main building whilst enjoying a short bike ride.  

The bikes used will be Mobikes and the scheme will be available Mon 4 - Wed 6 Dec from 7am to 6pm each day.  There will be volunteers at each of the pick up points to explain the rules, as well as banners and info on the bikes.
Safety & Security: please ride safely and sensibly and watch out for other bike users, pedestrians and drivers. Helmets will also be provided. The bikes should be used on the assigned route only and are not allowed to be taken off the compound.  All bikes have gps functionality.