A New Global Governance Architecture for Marine Plastic Litter

Thursday, 14 March, 17:00 – 19:00

Marine plastic pollution and microplastic is one of the fastest growing environmental concerns of our time, and the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) has addressed it during the first three sessions. At UNEA-3, member states agreed on the importance of long-term elimination of discharge of litter and microplastics to the oceans, a global zero-emission vision. Member states also started exploring the implications of a number of legal and policy responses acknowledging the need for stronger global governance structures at the global level. 

UNEA-4 is expected to decide on future action to strengthen the global governance framework to combat marine litter.

The aim of the event is to facilitate a dialogue between member states and stakeholders on stronger global governance by addressing the following two questions:

1.      What elements are necessary to get in place a stronger global governance framework to deal with the environmental consequences of marine litter?

2.      What is the best way of getting there?

The outcome of UNEA-4 will be critical to future coordination and governance at the global level to ensure that the emerging holistic approach is larger than the sum of current individual initiatives and, thus, this event is conceived to facilitate a dialogue between member states and stakeholders.

The event is hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Peruvian Ministry of Environment. It is organized in cooperation with GRID-Arendal and all participants attending to UNEA-4 are welcome to join the event.

Organizers and Partners: GRID-Arendal

Contact: joan.fabres@grida.no

UN Environment Technical Expert: Heidi.savelli@un.org