Unlocking Trade in Environmentally Sound Technologies to Tackle Air Pollution

Event description: The 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement provide an impetus for development, innovation and trade of Environmentally Sound Technologies, which can serve to address air pollution and climate change while creating new economic opportunities, jobs and social benefits. 

International trade is a critical enabler for the dissemination of clean technologies and opens new opportunities for countries worldwide. Unlocking trade in clean technologies will not only spur proliferation and stimulate innovation but also create energy access and security.

This event aims to highlight the role of trade in scaling up clean technologies to abate air pollution, drawing upon successful business models and inspiring voluntary commitments. It intends to create a multi-stakeholder coalition of actors championing trade in clean technologies and feed into the global agenda on trade and sustainable development ahead of the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference.

Organizers:  African Centre for Technology Studies 

Partners/Sponsors: European Commission; China Council for the Promotion of International Trade; African Centre for Technology Studies; Global Solar Council (Business Association); Research Institute of Global Value Chains (Chinese research institute); Danish Technical University; Clean Air & Climate Coalition; UN Environment and Trade Hub.

Contact Person: Anja von Moltke, anja.moltke@un.org; Tomkeen Mobegi, Tomkeen.mobegi@unep.org

Date and Time: Monday 4 December 2017;  18:00-19:30 

Venue: Conference Room 2 (capacity: 528 seats)

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