Current Presidency and Bureau


H.E. Mr. Ola Elvestuen

President and Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway




H.E. Mr. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Echandi

Vice President and Minister of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Costa Rica



H.E. Mr. Goran Trivan

Vice President and Minister of Environment of the Republic of Serbia




H.E. Ms. Brune Poirson

Vice President and Secretary of State for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition of France




H.E. Dr. Mohammed Bin Dainah

Vice President and Chief Executive of the Supreme Council for Environment of Bahrain




Mr. Winston Lackin

Vice President and Ambassador in charge of Environment and Presidential Advisor of the Republic of Suriname



Ms. Laskmi Dhewanthi
Vice President and Senior Advisor to the Minister of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia
Mr. Ado Lohmus

Vice President and Permanent Representative of Environment of the Republic of Estonia




H.E. Mr. Bassiere Batio Nestor

Vice President and Minister of Green Economy and Climate Change of Burkina Faso 



H.E. Ms. Nomvula Mokonyane

Rapporteur and Minister of Environment Affairs of the Republic of South Africa