Panel IV: Playing for the Planet: How Youth and Sports can unite to deliver on the Global Goals

Date and time: Tuesday, 12 March, 11:30


Venue: Expo Hub



If we are to deliver on the sustainable development goals, young people need to be at the heart of the conversation. This panel session will showcase how the combination of sports, video gaming, youth and education are coming together to inspire young people into action as part of UN Environment’s new agenda on education and youth.


At this event, representatives from the International Olympic Committee, the Scouts and games industry experts will be sharing the action they are undertaking in this arena. UN Environment will also be sharing their findings from their new Play for the Planet advocacy report which will outline ways within which the gaming industry can support the environmental dimensions of the SDGs. The recommendations will range from green nudges, taking funding to scale, shifting to clean energy and addressing their e-waste footprint.


Possible outcome/impact:

•            How can gaming inspire young people to act more sustainability? Is this really able to make a difference and shouldn’t kids be spending more time off games and more time in nature?

•            Given the Scouts movements comes from nature, how can it use the strength of its movement to raise awareness about the risk to nature in the world?

•            What are governments doing to address this issue? If it’s a priority then shouldn’t this be given a higher profile at events like these?

•            What is the Olympics movement doing to mobilise not just it’s sports, but it’s sponsors to act in this arena?


Moderator: Alastair Leithead, BBC Africa Correspondent


Panelists Invited:


1. Ms Beatrice Allen, International Olympic Committee Member

2. Jake Manion, Creative Director, The Internet of Elephants

3. Sara Rita Kattan, Committee Member, The World Organisation of the Scout Movement

4. Susan Gardner, Director of Ecosystems Division UN Environment

5. Nick Bertrand, Chief of Staff, International Union for Conservation of Nature

6. Mr Siim Kiisler, President of the UN Environment Assembly and Minister of Environment of Estonia