Environmental assessment

Facilitating global, regional and national policy making through environmental assessments and making environmental data and information available on open platforms.

To effectively address environmental challenges they must be well understood.  To help facilitate the sharing of knowledge on the environment, the Environment Under Review programme engages with stakeholders to assess environmental state and trends to inform policy action. The many issues the planet faces today range from how sustainably managing dryland areas in arid areas to understanding the source and scale of marine litter in the icy waters of the deep sea.

A main goal of the Environment Under Review programme is to empower stakeholders to implement the environmental dimension of sustainable development by providing data and information that brings clarity and transparency to the main concerns facing the planet. The Global Environment Outlook, UN Environment's major integrated environmental assessment report series, and tracking of the Sustainable Development Goals indicators play a central role. Through clear and thorough assessment of the environment, governments, non-governmental organizations, and the general public are better informed about the issues the environment is facing today, the success and failures in addressing these issues, and most importantly, provide options for action to make sure that the problems of today will have solutions by tomorrow.