Evaluation Policy

UN Environment Evaluation Policy

UN Environment has an Evaluation Policy that guides the work of the Evaluation Office. It has been in use since 2005, a revised and updated version was formally approved by the Executive Director in 2016. The UN Environment Evaluation Policy is consistent with the Norms and Standards for Evaluation approved by the United Nations Evaluation Group, see below.



Norms and Standards for Evaluation

In 2005, United Nations Evaluation Group adopted the foundational document, Norms and Standards for Evaluation in the United Nations System. The 2005 Norms and Standards sought to facilitate systemwide collaboration on evaluation by ensuring that United Nations Evaluation Group members adhered to shared basic principles and applied best practices in managing, conducting and using evaluations. In 2015, a United Nations Evaluation Group working group led work to revise and update the Norms and Standards. The updated Norms and Standards were discussed and unanimously adopted at the April 2016 United Nations Evaluation Group Annual General Meeting in Geneva.