Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance of Evaluation Office Reports

The quality of evaluation reports are systematically assessed by a set of quality rules that cover: the evidence-base of evaluation report findings and recommendations; conciseness of executive summary; appropriateness of evaluation methods and limitations; coverage of terms of reference; quality of recommendations; and how the evaluation dealt with differences in opinion. Quality assurance processes apply at inception, draft report and final report stages. The collation of assessment ratings for the quality of evaluation reports at the various stages allows the Evaluation Office to monitor the value added by its internal review processes. The template for the assessment of the quality of evaluation reports is available here. 

Peer Review of the Evaluation Office

Who evaluates the evaluators?  

Independent external assessments of the performance of UN Environment’s evaluation function are an essential unpinning to its accountability and have played a significant role in enhancing the credibility of the Evaluation Office both within and outside the organisation. In 2012 The Evaluation Office was the subject of a Professional Peer Review undertaken by the United Nations Evaluation Group / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development-Development Assistance Committee and the findings were very positive.

Each year the Global Environment Facility Independent Evaluation Office assesses the performance of Global Environment Facility Agencies against a number of performance measures that cover important aspects of the performance of the Evaluation Office (UN Environment), benchmarked against the performance of the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group and United Nations Development Programme’s Evaluation Office, including the quality of Global Environment Facility project evaluations. This is reported in the Global Environment Facility Annual Performance Report (see graph above for historical data).

Each biennium the Evaluation Office of the Office of Internal Oversight Services produces an evaluation scorecard (2010-2011 and 2012-2013) for all UN Secretariat evaluation functions. The last assessment published in 2013 concluded “UNEP has a robust evaluation function, with strong staff competencies, good procedures and adequate resources. It has achieved strong independence, with direct reporting of the head of evaluation to the Executive Director.