Guidance for Consultants

All evaluation consultants are regarded as part of the Evaluation Office and can call upon its staff for advice and support. The Evaluation Office expects consultants to fully engage with evaluation stakeholders, to build their ownership of the evaluation process and emerging findings, and to prepare high quality, evidence-based and uncompromising reports. All  evaluation consultants must sign a code of conduct as part of their contracts which is consistent with the UN Environment Evaluation Policy and reflects good practice. More information for prospective consultants can be found in the Guidance section of this website.

A video scribe introducing consultants to the Evaluation Office and the evaluation process is available here. Download the illustration here.  

Registering in INSPIRA 

To be part of the roster of consultants you would need to register in our Inspira Module at the following link:

A detailed step-by-step guide to assist you with the registration in INSPIRA is provided here: 

       INSPIRA Consultants Roster Registration Manual 

Once you have completed the entire process, please make sure to SUBMIT your application at the end of the session.  If you receive an automated email confirmation you will know your registration has been successful. Keep the confirmation email for your records.

The Evaluation Process

A set of evaluation process guidelines are available for consultants. The guidelines provide a quick overview of the evaluation process, from preparation of the contract to finalization of the evaluation. These guidelines also cover terms and conditions for travel, daily subsistence allowances and should be reviewed by consultants prior to undertaking any field missions. Sample guidance on the role that consultants are expected to play, either as a Team Leader or Supporting Consultant are also available. 

Evaluation Quality Assessment 

All UN Environment evaluations are subject to a quality assessment by the Evaluation Office. The quality assessment is used as a tool for providing structured feedback to the evaluation consultants. The quality of the evaluation process is also assessed and rated at the end of the evaluation.