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Eye on Earth Summit 2015

Informed decision-making for sustainable development

6-8 October 2015, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

UNEP and Eye on Earth

Since 2011, UNEP has partnered with the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD) and the Abu Dhabi Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI), to convene leading practitioners, scientists and policy makers in the field of environmental data, with a view to inform global environmental decision making, and build a solid, data-driven foundation for the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNEP’s support of the Eye on Earth (EoE) initiative is part of UNEP’s broader efforts to facilitate the creation of a global community of experts and decision makers in the environmental data sphere, sharing and using open data and science to develop solutions for environmental challenges and forging a path towards sustainable development.

Given the convergence of objectives between EoE and the UNEP Live platform, the expansion of the EoE network will underpin the implementation of UNEP Live by establishing the institutional framework for the delivery of data and information.

Through its involvement and support of EoE, UNEP aims to foster the culture and practice of data sharing amongst target stakeholders, and leverage synergies between EoE and UNEP Live to elevate the status of the platform as the global aggregator for the latest environmental data.

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