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A fundamental prerequisite for climate adaptation is knowledge, be it economic, ecological or technological. Although this knowledge exists in abundance, actors on-the-ground do not have sufficient access. The 2015 Paris Agreement includes, for the first time, a Global Adaptation Goal. The 2017 UN Climate Conference in Bonn underscored the same objective. There is a growing and pressing need to mobilise and share adaptation techniques. 

Founded in 2010, the Global Adaptation Network (GAN) provides a worldwide platform to distribute and exchange climate change adaptation knowledge in a variety of ways. It emphasizes the value of direct personal exchange and partnerships, often within particular regions of vulnerability. The secretariat of GAN is hosted by the UN Environment in Nairobi. This anchoring within the UN system bestows GAN with a global reach, drawing on esteemed partnerships in the interests of building resilience. 

As an umbrella organization spanning most continents, GAN is composed of many constituent regional networks and partners, each of which provide knowledge services in their respective regions. This GAN ‘family’ is a thriving community that provides considerable benefits to its members. Through these partners, GAN connects the global with the local.

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The Global Adaptation Network has a unique relationship with the UNFCCC through a variety of linkages, including the Adaptation Committee, the Lima Adaptation Knowledge Initiative and the Talanoa Dialogue. By utilizing these relationships, GAN has a proven record of supporting and advancing innovation across the world through wide-ranging activities, all primarily centered around the exchange of knowledge.

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