Capacity Development

GEMS/Water encourages a standardized approach to data generation through providing guidance and training on all aspects of monitoring and assessment and quality assurance.  GEMS/Water provides appropriate support, based on capacity needs at national and regional levels, and develops training for delivery in countries all over the world.  To maximase impact and availability of training material, various approaches being used.  

Online Training:  Short courses are being produced which can be accessed online or downloaded.  A course on the SDG Indicator 6.3.2 (ambient water quality) will be available in 2017.  Additional courses aimed at technical aspects of water quality monitoring including programme design and data management will follow.

Workshops:  A series of technical and "training of  trainer" workshops will be organised to address specific needs of water quality monitoring and management.

Accredited University Courses:  Starting in September 2017, GEMS/Water will be running an online postgraduate higher diploma through Univeristy College Cork.  Applications will be open during Summer 2017.  Modules to include:

  • Monitoring programme design for freshwater bodies
  • Quality assurance in water quality monitoring programmes
  • Data handling and presentation for water quality monitoring programmes
  • Monitoring and assessment of rivers
  • Monitoring and assessment of lakes and reservoirs
  • Monitoring and assessment of groundwater
  • Water quality monitoring using biological and ecological methods
  • Water quality monitoring with particulate material
  • Monitoring technology: sensors and networks