The Global Environment Monitoring System for freshwater (GEMS/Water) provides the world community with sound data on fresh water quality to support scientific assessments and decision-making on the subject.

Surface and ground water quality monitoring data collected from the global GEMS/Water monitoring network is shared through the GEMStat information system.

GEMS/Water supports the Sustainable Development Goal for Water (SDG 6) with methodology support, data management, quality assurance, indicator calculation and capacity development.

Our work comprises:

  • Collecting and sharing freshwater quality monitoring data
  • Maintaining the global water quality information system GEMStat
  • Capacity development and training to empower countries to deliver authoritative and reliable data

The GEMS/Water Data Centre, coordinated by the International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change and hosted by the Federal Institute of Hydrology in Koblenz, Germany, maintains GEMStat.

The GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre is hosted by Environmental Research Institute of University College Cork, Ireland.

The GEMS/Water Regional Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the Group of Portuguese-speaking African countries, is based at the National Water Agency of Brazil (ANA).