GEO 6 regional reports launched

GEO-6 regional assessments for Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and West Asia were launched in May during UNEA-2 while the Pan European regional assessment was launched early June during the 8th Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference in Batumi, Georgia.The GEO regional assessments provide detailed analysis of regional environmental challenges as well as key findings and policy messages for each of the 6 UNEP regions. These are important for policy makers working in the regions to provide solid evidence and policy options which will help tackle environmental issues faced in the regions.

The GEO-6 regional assessments highlighted several regional priorities facing the regions such as peace,security and environment in West Asia, climate change in North America, rapid economic growth in Africa and various others.The assessment reports offers a visionary outlook scenario whereby several outcomes can be achieved such as healthy people,green energy,climate change impacts addressed, responsible consumption and production when this positive vision is adopted.

The links to the assessments are provided below.

Regional Assessment for Africa

Regional Assessment for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Assessment for Latin America and the Caribbean

Regional Assessment for North America

Regional Assessment for West Asia

Assessment for the Pan European region