Knowledge Platform

Gathering and sharing information on waste management is essential to strengthen local, national and regional decision-making and capacity building processes. The GPWM information platform is an online portal that aims to promote, share and exchange information on solid waste related issues. It...

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Integrated Solid Waste Management

Cities are now facing more rapid population growth, and shares in GDP growth, resulting in a change in income levels, and with that also in urban life style and resource consumption patterns, which, in turn, has increased the volume of municipal waste. In addition, industrialization and economic...

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Waste Agricultural Biomass

As a result of intensified agricultural production in the wake of population growth and improved living standards, there has been a rapid increase in volume and types of waste agricultural biomass. This is becoming a serious problem as rotten waste agricultural biomass emits methane and leachate...

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Waste and Climate Change

Although the waste management sector makes a relatively minor contribution to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, it is in a unique position to move from being a minor source of global emissions to becoming a major saver of emissions. While minor levels of emissions are released through waste...

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Meetings / Events

16 December 2015 to 18 December 2015

2nd GPWM Biennium Meeting, 17 December 2015