Advisory Services


UNEP's Green Economy Advisory Services provides technical assistance and capacity building services to partner countries in planning and implementing their transition to a greener and more inclusive economic model.

The Advisory Services include:

  • Fostering multi-stakeholder dialogue and consultation on green economy;
  • Delivering comprehensive Green Economy Assessments that identify key opportunities and options for a green economy transition at country level;
  • Assisting countries in creating Indicators and Measurement Frameworks;
  • Identifying and facilitating Enabling Policy and Fiscal Instruments that can encourage investments in high potential green sectors, while assisting the “greening” of other sectors;
  • Supporting Centres of Excellence;
  • Enhancing local knowledge and building capacity;
  • Mainstreaming green economy into national development strategies and UN Development Assistance Framework;
  • Forging partnerships and alliances with national, regional and global institutions.