The Next Wave

Keith Alverson, Director of International Environmental Technology Centre, contributed the report as Technical  Advisor. He says "This report shows that the barriers to dramatic reduction of plastic in the ocean are surmountable." Ocean Conservancy...

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A story on Waste

A Waste Story Map is avaible at UNEP Live. Waste: A Resource for Sustainable Development The waste sector is a top priority for national and local actions due to its sustainable development potential. Waste mis-management is not only an...

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WASTE: The Cost of Inaction

It is 5-10 times cheaper to manage waste now in an environmentally sound manner, than to clean up in future years Public health impacts of uncollected waste • Gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, particularly in children • Blocked drains...

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An Essential Utility Service for All

Solid Waste Management An Essential Utility Service for All   Still Today... 2 billion people without access to solid waste collection 3 billion people lack access to controlled waste disposal facilities   Today is the time to Act   Public Health...

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Social Benefits

Social Benefits - Sound Waste Management Health 15-20 million people working in the ‘informal’ waste sector worldwide, could benefit from access to healthier facilities and services Hunger Prevention of the 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste generated...

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City Population

Food Waste infographic