E waste is growing worldwide, as well as becoming a visible portion of the Mongolian waste landscape. Import of electrical and electronic commodities in Mongolia are on the rise. For instance, as of 2011, the import of office equipment and electronics has risen by 28.9%. As of 2014, 1.8 kg per inhabitant was the E-waste generation rate, which was 5 metric kilotons in weight. There is a need for proper policy and technology framework for safe and environmentally sound collection, sorting, dismantling and recycling of E-waste in Mongolia.

Hence, this training is being conducted upon request from the Ministry of Environment (MET) Mongolia to build capacity of the local, provincial and national waste management officials. The training will be facilitated by a renowned international E-waste Expert, Mr. Amit Jain. Mr. Jain has vast experience on E waste assessment, and technology selection. He has authored various guidelines on E waste management for the UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre.  Through this training, the participants are expected to learn:

  • Environmental, social and economic issues related to e-waste
  • Understanding e-waste policy framework (existing and draft e-waste rules)
  • Concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Good practices and case studies in collection and recycling
  • Strategy for better e-waste management



Freshwater Resource and Environmental Protection Center



Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia

UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre in partnership with the Asian Institute of Technology Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific

Event Date: 
Friday, December 16, 2016
Event Venue: 
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia