Disaster Prevention

Within the overall cycle of disaster management (prevention, adaptation, preparedness, response, recovery, and rehabilitation), IETC focused on

  • Pre-disaster phase of

    • Identifying and managing the environmental dimensions of disasters

    • In order to prevent and mitigate disasters.

  • Implementing concrete projects and initiatives at the national and local levels

  • Water related disasters

  • In urban context

This priority was operationalized by taking cognizance of IETC’s mandate on ESTs to look at technologies to effectively mitigate and reduce the environmental impacts of disasters. This includes decision support tools, management systems and technology support for integrated action, for reducing vulnerabilities and mitigating causes of water-related disasters and for catchment and watershed related adaptation and mitigation measures.

IETC's latest projects in the disaster prevention area were

  • The DEBRI project in Banda Aceh Indonesia

  • Forestry waste management project in the Banyumas district of Indonesia

  • Awareness raising training on urban risk reduction in Wuxi City, China