Side Event at UNEA2 "Less Waste, Better Environment, Healthy People"

Session Brief

  • Session Objectives: To disseminate the findings of the Global Waste Management Outlook highlighting waste-environment-health interlinkages;

  • Target Audience: This is an open session for UNEA2 delegates, especially participants of the Sustainable Innovation Expo 2016 (SIE2016);

  • Expected Outputs: Dissemination of the Global Waste Outlook amongst UNEA Ministers, experts and private sector stakeholders of SIE2016, highlighting waste-environment-health interlinkages; Sharing of IAB outcomes on focusing waste management and related technologies in the broader context of the circular economy (sound material society);  Support UNEA proposed resolution on waste management as a priority need for developing countries; Explore potential partnerships for implementation of waste management for developing countries highlighting role of the private sector and environmentally sound technology.


Event Date: 
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Event Venue: 
Nairobi, Kenya