The Global Partnership on Waste Management (GPWM)

The GPWM is an open-ended partnership for international organizations, governments, businesses, academia, local authorities and NGOs. 

knowledge platform has been developed under the GPWM: 

It was launched in November 2010 to enhance international cooperation among stakeholders, identify and fill information gaps, share information and strengthen awareness, political will, and capacity to promote resource conservation and resource efficiency. 

  • Supporting the development of work plans to facilitate the implementation of Waste Management at national and local level to overcome environmental, social, and economic issues inflicted by waste and its impact. 

  • Aiming to complement existing work in the area of waste with a holistic approach which is a noted gap in waste management at large. The holistic approach is meant to facilitate coordination among different waste sectors and related activities, to avoid duplication of efforts and to improve efficiency and effectiveness by complementing rather than competing.  

  • Supporting the undertaking of policy dialogue and other activities to exchange experience and practices. 

  • Contributing to enhance the funding base available to support waste management and coordinate external financing while reducing transaction costs by putting together both financial and technical resources to solve the problems. 

  • The Information Platform is a framework which aims to promote, share and exchange information on solid waste related issues. It has universal access in different country/regions or cities.

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