Environmental Security in a Changing World

Top Scientists, Policy Makers and Business Leaders Debate Means of Addressing Environmental Challenges in Light of the G7 Agenda and the Changing...

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Live-tracking progress towards global goals now possible thanks to a cutting-edge UN knowledge platform

Policy making "in the dark" - under high levels of uncertainty and without concrete data - carries high risks and transactional costs which need...

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Argentina in the G20 Troika: the Boost to Sustainable Financing

The Ministry of Treasury today hosted the UN Environment Mission as part of the country’s commitment to boosting sustainable financing.

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Italy lays out roadmap for increasing flows of sustainable finance

 The issuance of green bonds in 2016 rose to US$81 billion, almost double 2015 levels.

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Netherlands to Host Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation

By signing the Paris Climate agreement countries have made climate change adaptation a top global priority and the Global Centre of Excellence on...

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Governments and international organizations pledge stronger partnerships for green economy

Press Release | September 8, 2016
  • Partnership for Action on Green Economy is supporting governments in Peru, Colombia and Mongolia to introduce green policies.
  • Mongolia plans to green public education buildings, by reducing heat loss by 20 per cent by 2020 and by 40 per cent by 2030. 

Investigation of soils contaminated by industry gets underway in Serbia

Press Release | September 7, 2016

Industrial production has been an economic driver in the Republic of Serbia, but has also been shown to be among the major causes of soil contamination.

Singapore latest country to join UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative

Press Release | September 6, 2016

"Stock exchanges play a crucial role in driving the growing green economy so vital to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals."

G20 Leaders Welcome "Green Finance" in Summit Communiqué

Press Release | September 5, 2016

Green finance is vital to a green future, and we at UN Environment are proud to build on our work in this area in supporting the G20."

UN Environment Head Welcomes China, US Announcement on Paris Agreement Ratification

External Cooperation | September 3, 2016

"The fight against climate change remains difficult and urgent, but having heavy-hitters like China and the US on your side is extremely heartening."

On eve of G20 Summit, China puts green finance centre stage

Press Release | September 2, 2016
  • State Council approves proposals to propel greening of China's financial sector 
  • US$600 billion per annum is needed in China to finance green projects

The World Now Protects 15% of Its Land, but Crucial Biodiversity Zones Left Out

Press Release | September 2, 2016
  • Close to 15% of the Earth's land and 12% of its territorial waters are covered by national parks and other protected areas. 
  • Coverage of marine protected areas more than quadrupled in the last decade. 
  • Eight in 10 key biodiversity areas worldwide lack complete protection. 

UN Environment's Richard Munang Becomes Africa Environmental Hero

Press Release | September 1, 2016

Dr. Richard Munang has been a champion of protecting Africa's environment to overcome the region's social and economic challenges. 

UN Environment Statement on Great Elephant Census Figures Showing Huge Decline in African Populations

Press Release | August 31, 2016

"The findings of the Great Elephant Census show clearly that poaching is still decimating elephant herds across Africa. 

Hundreds of Millions Face Health Risk as Water Pollution Rises Across Three Continents

Press Release | August 30, 2016
  • Pathogen and organic pollution rises in more than 50% of river stretches in Africa, Asia and Latin America 
  • Asia hit hardest by rise in severe pathogen pollution with up to a half of all river stretches affected 
  • Up to 323 million people on three continents at risk of infection from diseases caused by pathogens in water