UN Declares War on Ocean Plastic

  • UN Environment launches major global #CleanSeas campaign to end marine litter 
  • Ten countries are already on board, as well as DELL...

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Environmental Security in a Changing World

Top Scientists, Policy Makers and Business Leaders Debate Means of Addressing Environmental Challenges in Light of the G7 Agenda and the Changing...

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Live-tracking progress towards global goals now possible thanks to a cutting-edge UN knowledge platform

Policy making "in the dark" - under high levels of uncertainty and without concrete data - carries high risks and transactional costs which need...

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Argentina in the G20 Troika: the Boost to Sustainable Financing

The Ministry of Treasury today hosted the UN Environment Mission as part of the country’s commitment to boosting sustainable financing.

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Italy lays out roadmap for increasing flows of sustainable finance

 The issuance of green bonds in 2016 rose to US$81 billion, almost double 2015 levels.

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Hundreds of Millions Face Health Risk as Water Pollution Rises Across Three Continents

Press Release | August 30, 2016
  • Pathogen and organic pollution rises in more than 50% of river stretches in Africa, Asia and Latin America 
  • Asia hit hardest by rise in severe pathogen pollution with up to a half of all river stretches affected 
  • Up to 323 million people on three continents at risk of infection from diseases caused by pathogens in water

UN Environment Chief Discusses Lagoon Clean-up, Air Pollution, Wildlife Protection, and Marine Erosion with Côte d'Ivoire Prime Minister

External Cooperation | August 29, 2016

"I've seen Côte d'Ivoire rapidly develop in the last five years. I want to see it continue to build and improve its economy long into the future. For it to do so, economic development must not come at the expense of the environment." - Erik Solheim

From chemical pollution to submerged explosives - major threats to European whales and dolphins could soon be a thing of the past

Press Release | August 26, 2016

The noise generated by offshore construction, shipping, naval sonar and other sources is a major threat to cetaceans. Sudden, impulsive noise can cause direct harm, such as bruising, organ rupture and permanent or temporary threshold shifts - known in medicine as the "disco effect".

UN Environment Head Visits Ethiopia

Press Release | August 26, 2016

UN Environment Chief Erik Solheim concluded on Tuesday a two-day visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he met with officials of the Government of Ethiopia, heads and representatives of key regional institutions as well as strategic partners in the region.

Incoming President of UN General Assembly puts financing for sustainable development center stage

Press Release | August 25, 2016

US$5-7 trillion a year needed to implement the Sustainable Development Goals

Clean air takes centre stage at Sarajevo Film Festival

Press Release | August 17, 2016
  •  Festival's Enviro Day to showcase UN Environment initiatives boosting air quality and protecting human health 
  • 44,000 years of life, one-fifth of GDP are lost in Bosnia and Herzegovina annually due to poor air quality

Co-Chairs Announced for Landmark Global Biodiversity & Ecosystems Assessment: First Since 2005

Press Release | August 15, 2016

The Assessment will also be a key input to the Fifth Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-5) of the Convention on Biological Diversity, to be published in 2020.

Norway and UN Environment Sign New Agreement for Enhanced Cooperation

External Cooperation | August 10, 2016

The agreement was signed by the head of UN Environment, Erik Solheim, and Norway's Ambassador to Kenya, Victor Conrad Rønneberg.

Walking into an ecological wilderness

Press Release | August 8, 2016

By Balakrishna Pisupati and Mathis Wackernagel

UN Environment's Ogoniland Assessment Back in Spotlight

Press Release | August 4, 2016

A clean environment is on the horizon for the people of Ogoniland as government, communities and oil industry commit to implementing UN Environment report recommendations