The GWP-ODP Calculator

OzonAction is pleased to present you with its latest application, the GWP-ODP Calculator.

This application was designed for Montreal Protocol National Ozone Units and should also be useful for other related stakeholders. It is intended to help in understanding and data reporting under the Montreal Protocol. The application allow you to easily convert ODP, CO2-eq and metric quantities of refrigerants and other chemicals.

  • Helps in understanding and reporting under the Montreal Protocol (and for your future commitments under the Kigali Amendment)
  • The calculator will automatically perform the conversion between metric tonnes, ODP tonnes and/or CO2-equivalent tonnes (or kg) and display the corresponding converted values
  • The app includes both single component substances and refrigerant blends
  • The components of a mixture and their relative proportions (metric, ODP, CO2-eq) are also displayed.
  • Available for free from the Google Playstore and iTunes/App Store
  • Search for “GWP ODP CALC” in the Playstore to install
  • Full instructions are included in the app

Download and start using it now!!!

Languages: English

Released: September 2017

Download the app for free from the Google Play Store and iTunes/App Store or click the QR code below.