Education & Training Pillars


Focuses on encouraging and strengthening regional and sub-regional higher education networks for environment and sustainability.

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The Training Pillar focuses on developing applied competence by enhancing knowledge and awareness on UNEP’s priority thematic areas as well as equipping the target audience (mainly mid-level managers and policy makers) with relevant skills, values

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The Education pillar focuses on: Inspiring, encouraging, and supporting universities to develop and implement their own transformative strategies for establishing green, resource-efficient and low carbon campuses.

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About Environmental Education and Training

Environmental Education and Training (EET) promotes attitudes and value systems that influence environmentally ethical behaviour by developing understanding, skills and values that will enable people participate as active and informed citizens in t

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Plant for the Planet: The Billion Tree Campaign

The Billion Tree Campaign

This publication is about Tree Billion Campaign. It is intended to convey the range of partners...


YouthXchange: Green Skills and Lifestyles Guidebook

Green Skills and Lifestyles Guidebook

This publication was developed as a primer for youth on the green economy, particularly since...


YouthXchange guidebook series: Biodiversity and lifestyles

Biodiversity and lifestyles

To date, there are no youth-friendly publications that explore the relationship between...


Youthxchange: training kit on responsible consumption - the guide

Training kit on responsible consumption - the guide

This publication was designed to assist teachers, public authorities, youth groups, and NGOs in...


Guidelines on education policy for sustainable built environments

The outcome of this synthesis is a suite of learning aims, strategies and case-study curricula...


UNEP programmes and resources for environmental education and training: an introductory guide

This guide showcases some of UNEP's many programmes and resources that support the important...


Greening Universities Toolkit V2.0: Transforming Universities into Green and Sustainable Campuses: A Toolkit for Implementers - Advance Copy

The objective of this Toolkit is to inspire, encourage and support universities to develop and...


Africa Environmental Education and Training Action Plan 2015–2024

Strengthening Sustainable Development in Africa

A lack of clear and sustained environmental awareness in many African countries has contributed...



A resource book to complement the UNEP Mainstreaming Environment and Sustainability in African Universities Partnership

Environmental Reporting for African Journalists

A Handbook of Key Environmental Issues and Concepts

This handbook seeks to equip African journalists with an information tool for environmental...


Mainstreaming Environment and Sustainability in African Universities Partnership 2004 - 2008 Report

Supporting Universities to Respond to Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Challenges

UNEP Strategy for Environmental Education and Training

A Strategy and Action Planning for the Decade 2005 - 2014

Forests in a Changing Climate

A Sourcebook for Integrating REDD+ into Academic Programmes

Tackling the issues of climate change requires a wide array of expertise and innovative ideas as...


Manuel de reportage environnemental à l’intention des journalistes africains

Questions et notions essentielles en matière d’environnement

Ce manuel se présente comme un outil informationnel pour le reportage sur l’environnement à l’...


Mainstreaming Environment and Sustainability in African Universities: Stories of Change



Mazingira Challenge 2015

The Kenya Forests Working Group (KFWG) in partnership with Inuka Foundation, World Students Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD) and UN Environment recently held the 2015 Mazingira Challenge. The word “Mazingira” means “environment” in Kiswahili.

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Promoting Environmental Education at the 33rd Annual Environmental Education Association of Southern African (EEASA 2015) Conference

Under the theme, Creating Sustainable Societies: Scaling up Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) through the UNESCO GLOBAL Action Plan (GAP), the EEASA conference focused on critical environment and sustainable development issues in southern Africa an

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GUPES Green Gown Awards 2016

The GUPES Green Gown Awards is a joint initiative supported by the UN Environment and the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) that expands the Green Gown Awards further across the globe through the Global Universities Partnership on Environ

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Innovations in Higher Education and Sustainability Launch of Platform for Sustainable Performance in Education

Representatives from 9 Universities in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America highlighted innovations in higher education for sustainability.

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Eye on Earth Summit 2015

UN Environment's Education and Training Unit (EETU) recently particpated in the Eye on Earth Summit, held in UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi, from 6th to 8th October 2015.

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UNEP Online Course: The Ecosystem Approach and Systems Thinking

Many problems we face today involve interdependent structures, multiple actors, and are at least partly the result of past actions. Such problems are extremely difficult to tackle and conventional solutions have very often led to unintended consequences.

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The Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES) Green Gown Awards 2016

In the lead up to the adoption of post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have stepped up their efforts on sustainability, through the adoption of low carbon strategies and campus design, mainstreaming environmental sustainabili

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UN Environment & University of Nairobi Mark the Paris Climate Change Agreement

On 14 November 2016, the United Nations Environment Kenya, in partnership with the University of Nairobi, marked the entry into force of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

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