Plant for the Planet: The Billion Tree Campaign

The Billion Tree Campaign

This publication is about Tree Billion Campaign. It is intended to convey the range of partners moved to action: from children to giant corporations, from women’s groups to technocrats, dancers to diplomats, farmers to national governments.


YouthXchange: Green Skills and Lifestyles Guidebook

Green Skills and Lifestyles Guidebook

This publication was developed as a primer for youth on the green economy, particularly since there are no youth-friendly publication that explain this issue to youth. This publication enables youth to better familiarize themselves with the green economy and the skills needed for it (e.g. engaging in social innovation and green entrepreneurship).


YouthXchange guidebook series: Biodiversity and lifestyles

Biodiversity and lifestyles

To date, there are no youth-friendly publications that explore the relationship between biodiversity and our lifestyles. This guidebook explores the dimensions of global biological and cultural diversity, as well as helps youth to develop essential skills while engaging with biodiversity.


Youthxchange: training kit on responsible consumption - the guide

Training kit on responsible consumption - the guide

This publication was designed to assist teachers, public authorities, youth groups, and NGOs in delivering information on sustainable consumption.


Guidelines on education policy for sustainable built environments

The outcome of this synthesis is a suite of learning aims, strategies and case-study curricula that can empower people to transform cities, towns and villages into eco-settlements. The framework also guides and informs the development of new educational policies that promote the capacity building for sustainable buildings and construction (SBC).


UNEP programmes and resources for environmental education and training: an introductory guide

This guide showcases some of UNEP's many programmes and resources that support the important work of environmental education and training.


Greening Universities Toolkit V2.0: Transforming Universities into Green and Sustainable Campuses: A Toolkit for Implementers - Advance Copy

The objective of this Toolkit is to inspire, encourage and support universities to develop and implement their own transformative strategies for establishing green, resource-efficient and low carbon campuses. It will provide an opportunity to build stakeholder capacity to deliver systemic, institution-wide integration of sustainability principles into all aspects of university business.


Africa Environmental Education and Training Action Plan 2015–2024

Strengthening Sustainable Development in Africa

A lack of clear and sustained environmental awareness in many African countries has contributed to environmental degradation within the continent. To address this challenge, UN Environment, in collaboration with other stakeholders, is promoting capacity development for future professionals through environmental education.



A resource book to complement the UNEP Mainstreaming Environment and Sustainability in African Universities Partnership

Environmental Reporting for African Journalists

A Handbook of Key Environmental Issues and Concepts

This handbook seeks to equip African journalists with an information tool for environmental reporting. It covers the following topics: