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Green Room Event 25 : Pollution- The largest cause of Death on the Planet- A Lancet report in the making
Date of event: 
27 May
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Partners:  Germany, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Ghana, Cambodia, Cameroon, Madagascar, Jordan, Peru, Uruguay, Togo, European Commission Director General Environment, UNEP, EB, UNIDO


Venue: Conference Room 14



A new understanding of the impact of pollution across the globe is emerging.  It has only recently become clear that pollution is the largest killer on our planet.  Stealing over 10 million lives each year, 94% of pollution-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), undercutting investment and progress in other areas of national development.  With recent gains made in combatting communicable diseases, the global public health community is beginning to turn its attention to non-communicable diseases, and pollution is the leading threat.
The Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) is an organization of 39 member nations, multilateral and bilateral funders, devoted to helping LMICs combat pollution.  GAHP has convened a “global pollution brain trust” of leaders to produce a report, The Global Commission on Pollution, Health + Development, that will be published by The Lancet at the end of 2016.  UNEP, the European Commission and dozens of countries have joined forces with leading economists, policy makers and global public health researchers to define the scope of the pollution problem.  Examining all forms of pollution — air, water and soil— the Report will analyze and communicate the full health and economic costs of pollution. Through analyses of existing and emerging data, the Report will reveal pollution’s severe and underreported contribution to the Global Burden of Disease and associated health care costs. It will uncover the economic costs of pollution to LMICs, and compare the costs of inaction to the costs of available solutions.
While findings are preliminary at this stage, this session will give you a taste of the report, its scale, and the stunning results expected to be unveiled in The Lancet this December.

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