UNEA - Second United Nations Environment Assembly:: Reports
Documentation for UNEA 2

There are three categories for documents for UNEA-2: pre-session, in-session and post-session.

Pre-session documents are presented to participants in advance of the session to help them prepare for consideration of each agenda item.  Pre-session documents consist of:

Official working documents (UNEP/EA.2/x)

Official documents (working documents) with UNEP/EA.2/x symbol refers to the reports of the Executive Director that have been prepared in accordance with the requests made by previous governing body decisions or resolutions and will be discussed under corresponding agenda items. These documents are available in all official United Nations languages.

Information documents (UNEP/EA.2/INF/x)

Information documents with UNEP/EA.2/INF/x symbol refers to documents that are provided by the secretariat for the information of participants. While some information documents are intended to supplement official documents and support discussion of a specific agenda item, others pertain to a topic that has no direct relevance to the provisional agenda of UNEA-2 – such as the evaluation of the work of the secretariat in the 2014-2015 biennium – but provide important information to participants in performing their oversight and monitoring functions. These documents are available in English only, unless otherwise indicated.

Some documents are denoted with .../Add.x or .../Rev.x symbols.

.../Add.x refers to "addendum" to a main document.

.../Rev.x refers to "revision" to the original document.


In-session documents are working documents that are presented and considered “in-session”. Due to the temporary and sometimes politically sensitive nature of these documents, most of them are available only to the participating delegates on the “In-session documentation portal”, accessible on the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) compound. In-session documents consist of the following:

Limited documents (UNEP/EA.2/L.x)

Limited “L” documents with UNEP/EA.2/L.x symbol refer to draft documents (resolutions, meeting proceedings, etc.) that are presented and finalized in-session by member States’ delegations. Draft resolutions as prepared by the Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR) to UNEP, which will be taken up and further negotiated at UNEA-2 are available for public access.

Conference room papers (UNEP/EA.2/CRP.x)

Conference room papers (CRPs) with UNEP/EA.2/CRP/x symbol refer to new proposals and/or additional report or information provided by member States or the secretariat on the subject at hand.


Non-papers are amendments or comments submitted by participants on any document or text under consideration to facilitate negotiating process.


Post-session documents refer to final documents issued after the conclusion of the session, including meeting proceedings and resolutions and decisions that have been adopted.