UNEA - Second United Nations Environment Assembly:: Reports
Greening UNEA

Each delegate makes the difference … help us make this event environmentally sustainable!

On the occasion of the second United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 2), UNEP is leading by example to show how environmental sustainability can be integrated into large events and become the way forward for future meetings.
UNEA 2 will be:

  • Carbon Neutral
  • Paperless
  • Plastic-bottle free

Some additional green initiatives will also be implemented to reduce its carbon footprint, such as the use of food ingredients produced locally and the use of plants instead of flowers, among others. All delegates are kindly requested to join their efforts with ours and make a sustainable UNEA2 possible:

Provide UNEA2 team with your travel and accommodation details 

This information (which will be requested by email prior to the event) is needed only to calculate the emissions associated with/generated by the event. Full confidentiality of information will be ensured. UNEA 2 will be a Carbon neutral event, i.e. all emissions will be offset by purchasing carbon credits (CERs) through UNFCCC. The CERs will finance emission reduction projects in developing countries. This has been made possible thanks to the in-kind contribution of UNFCU.

Bring your own reusable bottles

No plastic water bottles will be provided to delegates, only water dispensers will be made available around the conference area. Please bring your own reusable bottle to refill it at the water stations. Alternatively, it will be possible to buy water in glass bottles at the UN cafés. About 15,000 plastic water bottles less will be used and will be prevented from becoming waste, and UNEA 2 and every delegate’s footprint will be reduced.

Choose the daily sustainable food options offered at the UN catering stations

In addition to the standard food selections, an organic, locally grown and sustainable food option will be offered at all food stations during UNEA. Pick that option and you will reduce by far your food-related CO2 footprint. Making the difference starts with you! UNEA 2 food emissions will be reduced thanks to your sustainable choices. You will receive a report on UNEA2 overall emissions in the weeks after the event.

Choose your accommodation as close as possible to the UN

The emissions associated to local transport will be calculated thanks to the information provided and included in the reported UNEA 2’s footprint.
Pick your hotel as close as possible to the UN and you will reduce the local transport associated emissions, avoid losing time in traffic, and enjoy the lovely UN Neighborhood!
UNEA 2 local transport emissions will be reduced thanks to your sustainable choices.

Who made the UNEA2 greening initiative possible?

A special thanks goes to the Executive Office, for making the UNEA greening possible, which provided the political support to ensure that UNEP embarks on the sustainability journey, the Secretary of the Secretariat of Governing Bodies, Jorge Laguna Celis, and his team who kindly supported the implementation of green activities and data collection gathering on participants travel information. The United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) who kindly sponsored in full the UNEA2 event emissions offsetting and the colleagues from UNFCCC who always so efficiently procure carbon credits (CERs) for UNEP. Credit should also be given to ICAO colleagues who developed an excellent tool for air travel carbon emissions calculation, which has been used systematically by UNEP in its climate action. Additionally, UNON’s Division of Conference Services, Commercial Unit, and Facilities Management and Transport Unit who supported with facilities and caterers management and data collection. Last but certainly not least, our thanks goes to the colleagues from the SUN team who provided inputs and feedback on the methodology and positively contributed to its completeness and sharing across the UN.